Our passion for Yorkshire Terrier began in 2002 when we decided to get a dog for company.

The size, the temperament and physical appearance were the factors that led us to decide for this race. In 2003, Minnie an excellent company yorkie, came to our family.

It was the responsible one for our will to know the race better. In the following year, we acquired Venus de L'Adoree Peneloppe, that was our first yorkie who participated on a show.

The good results we achieved have stimulated us to continue it. In 2005, we created our Affixes D'Ayrosa.

In 2006 we acquired Qoccle's Karissima and Another-Jewel du Gue de L' Adour. We are working, in our opinion, with the best breed lines of Europe.

In 2006 we had our first D' Ayrosa puppies.

We thank to all our Friends who have supported us.



Somos sócios do Terrier Clube de Portugal e do Yorky Club.